Chad Morita




Pearl City, Hawaii 96782 USA


Networking , Cybersecurity , Operating Systems


Languages and Frameworks: C, HTML/CSS, Java, JavaScript, LaTeX, Meteor.js, MongoDB, Python, Semantic UI, SQL

Toolsets/OS: MacOS, Linux, Unix, Windows, Git/Github, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Vi/Vim, Clonezilla, Docker, VirtualBox, Wireshark, pfSense, Proxmox


University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI

M.S., Computer Science (expected Fall, 2021)

  • EE 469 - Wireless Data Networks
  • EE 609 - Computer and Network Security
  • ICS 622 - Network Science
  • ICS 669 - Social Computing
  • ICS 674 - Evolutionary Computation I

2019 - Present

University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI

B.S., Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude)

  • ICS 111 - Introduction to Computer Science I
  • ICS 141 - Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science I
  • ICS 211 - Introduction to Computer Science II
  • ICS 212 - Program Structure
  • ICS 241 - Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science II
  • ICS 311 - Algorithms
  • ICS 312 - Machine-Level and Systems Programming
  • ICS 313 - Programming Language Theory
  • ICS 314 - Software Engineering I
  • ICS 321 - Database Systems I
  • ICS 332 - Operating Systems
  • ICS 390 - Computing Ethics for Lab Assistants
  • ICS 414 - Software Engineering II
  • ICS 425 - Computer Security and Ethics
  • ICS 426 - Computer System Security
  • ICS 451 - Data Networks
  • ICS 491 - Special Topics (Digital Forensics)
  • ICS 499 - Computer Project (Collaborative Study Project)
  • ICS 623 - Advanced Cryptography
  • ICS 651 - Computer Networks

2015 - 2019


Teaching Assistant, UH Manoa Information & Computer Sciences Department

Coordinate and grade homework assignments for the class. Proctor exams. Hold office hours for 4 hours a week to answer any student questions about the course. Answer student emails. Topics covered in ICS 451 include: network analysis, architecture, circuit switching, packet switching, protocols and standards, local area networks, and ALOHA channels. Topics covered in ICS 332 include: operating system concepts and structure, processes and threads, CPU scheduling, memory management, file systems, inter-process communication, and virtualization.

  • ICS 332 Operating Systems TA, January 2020-Present
  • ICS 451 Data Networks TA, August 2019-December 2019

2019 - Present

Computer Lab Supervisor, UH Mānoa Department of Earth Sciences

Maintain projectors. Perform software updates and installations on lab computers. Light network/hardware troubleshooting duties. Help students and faculty with technical support. Perform updates to department website.

2017 - Present

Assistant Instructor, GenCyber Hawaii

Coordinate volunteers at the one-week-long GenCyber cybersecurity summer camp for middle and high school students. Teach and assist with the teaching of course material.

2019 - 2019

ICS 141/ICS 211 Learning Assistant, UH Mānoa Information & Computer Sciences Department

Assist students in ICS 141 (Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science I) and ICS 211 (Introduction to Computer Science II) during lab sessions. Answer any questions related to course topics or homework.

2019 - Present

Distribution Assistant, Ka Leo O Hawaiʻi

Deliver Ka Leo O Hawaiʻi newspapers to approximately 60 distribution points on and around the Mānoa campus. Monitor each Ka Leo O Hawaiʻi delivery site on a regular basis, counting the number of newspapers remaining at each rack. Install, maintain, and repair newspaper circulation boxes. Train new Distribution Assistants. Assists with the needs of the BOP Circulation program.

2017 - Present

A/V Technician, Hālau I Ka Wēkiu/Pūpūkahi I Ke Alo O Nā Pua

Responsible for running A/V presentations for performances at the Hawaiʻi Theatre.

2015 - Present

Cashier, Sodexo Hawaii

Head Cashier at the Les Murakami Stadium and Stan Sheriff Center concessions

  • Distribute change to the cash registers before opening
  • Periodically check registers throught the shift to redistribute change
  • Operate cash register
  • Count the end of the shift totals

2013 - 2015


Photo Lab Assistant, University of Hawaii Photo Lab

Assist photography students working in the lab, checkout equipment, and maintain darkroom chemicals.

  • Junior Photo Lab Assistant, August 2016-December 2016
  • Senior Photo Lab Assistant, January 2017-Present

2016 - Present

Student volunteer, GenCyber

Assist students learning cybersecurity concepts in the classroom

  • Answer student's questions about classroom activities
  • Supervise students during capture the flag event on the UH Manoa Campus
  • Design activities to teach cybcersecurity principles

2016 - 2016

ICS 211 Assistant Teaching Assistant, UH Mānoa Information & Computer Sciences Department

Assist students with course concepts during lab sessions. Hold open lab hours for 3 hours a week to give additional assistance to students. Prepare and teach one week of ICS 211 lab material (object-oriented programming and data structures).

2017 - 2017


Manoa Dean's List, UH Manoa College of Natural Sciences, Spring 2019, Fall 2017, Spring 2017, Fall 2016, Spring 2016, Fall 2015

Undergraduate students are awarded the Dean's List distinction if they: (1) earn a semester grade point average of 3.5 or higher based on 12 credits or more taken for a grade, and (2) do not receive grades of W, I, F, or NC for that semester.

UH Mānoa Summer Sophomore Merit Scholarship, University of Hawaii at Mānoa Outreach College, Summer 2017

Awarded to up to 200 UH Mānoa sophomore students based on merit.


Available upon request