My Introduction to JavaScript and Athletic Software Engineering

01 Sep 2016

My First Introduction to JavaScript and First Thoughts

It has been a week since I was first introduced to JavaScript. JavaScript is the only programming language that I have learned other than Java. So far, my experience with learning JavaScript has been quite good. Because JavaScript is so similar to Java, I did not have much of a problem picking up the syntax. The simplicity of JavaScript makes things easier when I am writing small bits of code, but I can see myself possibly running into problems in the future with larger code. Because there are not a lot of strict rules like Java, it’s a lot easier to focus on the algorithm or idea behind a program instead of the code being cluttered with things that just need to be there.

Where I Learned JavaScript

I learned JavaScript through the freeCodeCamp online course. This approach was different from when I learned Java, because I learned the basics of Java over the course of a semester in a college class. The freeCodeCamp course seemed like it was pretty straight forward and easy to understand, but here were times during the online course where I felt like talking things over with a fellow classmate. The freeCodeCamp course was definitely more individual focused.

Athletic Software Engineering

In the software engineering class that I’m currently in, we are using an athletic software engineering approach. Athletic software engineering uses workouts of the day (WODs), which consists of a small problem that needs to be solved by creating a function within a certain amount of time. I have only completed four WODs so far with only one graded and, so far, I’m liking the idea of them. The WOD is a great opportunity for people learning software engineering to become quicker at solving problems. The WOD encourages me to spend more time analyzing and planning out my code before I actually begin typing. With each WOD that I complete, I feel like I am getting quicker. Because the WOD is a timed exercise, I find it to be a little stressful because I need to work against the clock, but I think that the stress is good, because time is often the limitation to any kind of project.