Collaborative Study App


I’m currently a computer science major at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. One thing that I have noticed about the computer science curriculum is that there are many classes that have a reputation for being difficult. Collaborative Study is an app that I worked on with my group in my ICS 314 (Software Engineering I) class that has the goal of helping fellow students to create study groups. Users of the app can choose to either teach other students or learn from other students. This whole app is focused on students learning from other students. Teaching material that is comfortable can help to further strengthen a student’s understanding of the material, while a student learning from another student could benefit from having the material explained again. Collaborative Study is like a social media app for studying.

My Contributions

My largest contribution to the project was probably the mockup of the website. I initially designed a mockup website without functionality that laid out the pages for the app. Once I joined my group, we built upon the mockup and added new pages that were necessary.

I also worked on implementing a few features like the calendar, user profiles, and login. The calendar feature allows users to create study sessions by clicking on a date. The user also has a personal calendar where they are able to view any study sessions that they are signed up for.

The user profile feature allows users to create their own profile and view the profiles of other users.

The Process

In previous classes, I was assigned to work on group projects, but this group project was different. In the beginning part of the course, everyone was taught the tools that were required to create this project. We were taught how to design a website using a framework like Semantic UI, create a reactive website using Meteor, and we were also taught how to use source code control software like Git along with Github. The objective of this project did not seem to be solely focused on our individual ability to create a web app. This project forced me to think more about effective ways to work in a group.

What's next?

I plan to continue work on this project in the coming months. You can learn more about the project and follow its progress by visiting its github project page. The project page includes a detailed user guide along with other information about the project.